Punch and Judy puppets for sale
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Punch & Judy
Puppets for sale

As you will see while browsing through the links below I have now made quite a few puppets. They are well made with considerable attention to detail. The puppets are designed for professional performers of traditional Punch and Judy shows and should, with regular maintenance, last a life time or two and possibly become quite valuable to collectors thereafter.

All of the puppets are carved in Jelutong, which is a wood that is both light-weight and yet able to take the beating a puppet ought to be subjected to. The faces have been painted with artists acrylic and coated with water-based varnish for protection. The paint can be easily retouched using the same.

The gloves are lined, the hems are kept open with stiffening and a ring is attached to help when changing puppets during performance. Punch has practical legs - which means his legs can be kicked using your fingers. The Crocodile is carved in wood and can swallow sausages (included with complete sets) . The jaws have a good snappy sound to them.

I can also make puppets to your specifications. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

A set of traditional Punch and Judy puppets.

The above puppets would be sufficient for a basic show. [ Which is? ]



The prices are in Australian dollars so the exact price in other currencies will vary according to the exchange rate used by payPal.

Punch $AU540

Elaborately costumed Punch

Jack Ketch with legs $AU440

Beadle or Constable $AU460

Simple baby

Baby with carved face
& hands

All other puppets $AU420

The prices vary because of the extra time spent on things like legs, hats and other details that require more time and materials.

Complete sets include a free slap stick, devil's fork & sausages.

Shipping costs will be added to the final quotation.


Enquire now: Chris@speckinspace.com

Joey the Clown The baby A crododile & sausages Judy Mister Punch The devil Constable Go inside