Punch & Judy resources

Over the years I have produced a number of Punch and Judy related computer-based resources.
A reproduction of the Collier/ Cruikshank record of the Piccini show. [ Click here ]

A bibliography of books relevant to Punch & Judy [ Click here ]

A line drawing that can be used for colouring in. [ Click here ]

An article on Punch from an old boys annual. [ Click here ]

A set of cards that tell the story. [ Click here ]

Replicating the Roselia Punch and Judy. [ Click here ]

A lexicon of proscenium shapes [ Click here ]

A collection of historic pitches around Britain [ Click here ]

A virtual gallery of paintings that feature Punch and Judy [ Click here ]


PunchandJudy.com: Everything you ever wanted to know in this comprehensive web site.

Glyn Edwards: Punch and Judy guru.

Keith Preston: South Australian Punch performer who also organises puppet events throughout Australia (see below).

Puppet Palace: The puppet organisation that can provide all your puppet needs. Not just Punch and Judy.

David Wilde: Traditional English Punch at its best. David is also a collector of puppets.

John Styles: One of the legends of the art.

Robert Styles: London performer whose show I admire very much.

Other puppet makers

Mark Poulton: Puppet maker and a specialist in the seaside show. Mark's performance at Weymouth during summer is an essential experience.

Bryan Clarke: Another legend of the show and the most respected of the Punch makers.

Miraiker Battey: Performer and maker of puppets.

Brian Davey: Performer and maker of puppets

Geoff Felix: Maker of fine puppets, performer and Punch and Judy historian.