Punch in the Italian Puppet Theatre
Michael Byrom
Centaur Press, London 1983
ISBN 0-900001-20-8
Explores Punch’s roots in the Italy



Old England at Play
Lynette Feasley
George G. Harrop &co. London 1943
Collier script in the context of tradition English theatre


Punch and Judy a Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy
John Payne Collier with illustrations by George Cruikshank
3rd Edition
W.H Reid, London 1832
Reproduced in many editions dating from 1828
Script based on the performance of Giovanni Piccini.

Reproduction of the above from the second edition
Pryor Publications, Whitstable
ISBN 0-946014-74-4

Punch and Judy
Collier/ Piccini script edited and introduced by Paul McPharlin
The Limited Editions Club, New York 1937
Illustrated with the original sketches by George Cruikshank in colour as well as the more usual etchings. There is available through the PJF a cd of scans of these sketches.

Punch and Judy - its origin and evolution
Michael Byrom
Da Silva Puppet Books, Norwich 1979
ISBN 0 9513600 0 0
Explores the introduction from Italy and devlopment of Punch in Britain.

Mr. Punch
John Philip Stead
Evans Brothers Ltd. 1950
A history of Punch and Judy
Includes script from Mayhew, Punch’s Opera, or, The Dominion of Fancy.

Punch and Judy
Peter Fraser
B.T. Batsford Ltd. London 1970
Clearly illustrated instructions on making puppets. Reproduces the Collier script.

Playing with Punch
Frank Baker
Boardman and Co. Ltd. 1944
A play about Punch and includes the Collier script.


Mayhew’s London
Henry Mayhew Edited by Peter Quennell
Bracken Books, London 1984
ISBN 0946495 03 3
Includes an edited interview with Punch performer and script. Be aware that this edition does not print the entire interview.
Originally published in the Morning Chronicle 1849-50
The interview with the Punch performer (excluding script) is Letter LII and is available online:
In the full version of the book, London Labour and the London Poor (1851) it is in Volume 3.


Conversations with Punch
Compiled and edited by Geoff Felix
Published by Geoff Felix, Wembly Park 1994
ISBN 0-9521371-1-9
Interviews with seven Punch and Judy performers

Punch and Judy – a history
George Speaight
Studio Vista, London 1970
A complete history of Punch and Judy in England including a script from 1854 by Robert Brough.

The Punch and Judy Show – History, Tradition and Meaning
Robert Leach
Batsford Academic and Educational, London 1985
ISBN 0 7134-4784-2
A history and analysis of the show. Extensively illustrated.

Punch and Judy
Collier/ Piccini script edited and introduced by Paul McPharlin
The Limited Editions Club, New York 1937
Illustrated with the original sketches by George Cruikshank in colour as well as the more usual etchings. There is available through the PJF a cd of scans of these sketches.

Punch and Judy
Jessie Pope
Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. London and Melbourne
Children’s story illustrated with interesting photographs and coloured illustrations based on photographs.


Punch and Judy in the Rain
Su Eaton and Martin Bridle
Hamish Hamilton Children’s Books, London 1984
ISBN 0-241-11222-2
Illustrated children’s story

Punch and Judy and some of their friends
View Productions, Sydney 1987
ISBN 0 86441-017-4
Reproduction of an illustrated story from1887


The Art of the Puppet
Bil Baird
Bonanza Books, New York 1973
Punch in context with puppetry around the world. Includes Collier script and Cruikshank illustrations.


The World of Puppets
Réné Simmen
Thomas Crowell Company, new York 1972
ISBN 0-690-01005-2
Punch seen in international context. Cruikshank illustrations accompany a description by Hermann Pückler Muskau 1826
There is a translation of this same text by Peter Widenmayer on the web


Heren Krintjes
Hetty Paerl
Gaade Uitgevers, Veenendaal 1987
ISBN 90 6017 728 2
A comparison of all the puppets similar to Jan Klaasen which includes the English Punch.
In Dutch.


Merchant of Blows-with-a-Stick - And other plays by Louis Duranty
Translated by Sean Keohane
Charlemagne Press, Vancouver 2007
ISBN 978-0-921845-26-3
A collection of French Polichinelle scripts from the 19th century.

Successful Punch and Judy
Glyn Edwards
Da Silva Puppet Books, 2000
ISBN-10: 0951360078
Practical advice on the art of performing Punch and Judy. Includes example script.


My Life with Punch
Joe Beeby
Geoff Felix, Wimbledon Park, 1993
ISBN-10: 0952137100
An interesting account of a 20th century London punch performer. Includes two scripts, one verbatim and the other with corrected grammar, which serves to illustrate how printed scripts may not be an accurate account of a real performance.


Hand Puppets & String Puppets
Waldo S. Lanchester
Dryad Press Leicester
Covers the making of puppets and also puppet theatres. Lovely fold out insert of a string puppet. So if you buy it second hand make sure it is still there.


The Frame File
John Alexander
Arcady Press, London 1997
ISBN 0 9531220 0 X
All you would like to know about the construction of puppet booths. There has been an update of this edition called The Expanded Frame File.

The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch
Neil Gaiman Illustrated by Dave McKean
Bloomsbury Children's Books, London 2006
ISBN 0 7475 8844 9
The author was inspired to write this story after a visit to a May Fayre. Punch and Judy play a role in his memories of childhood visit to the seaside.


The Old Curiosity Shop
Charles Dickens
Chapman and Hall, London 1841
ISBN 0 19 812493 7
Two of the characters in this book are itinerant Punch performers who perform at an inn on their way to a race meeting. Also includes an illustration.
Also available as an ebook:

Petrushka, the Russian carnival puppet theatre
Catriona Kelly
Cambridge University Press 1990
ISBN 0 521 37520 7
The history of Petrushka the Punch of Russia. Includes authentic script.

Decency & Disorder - The Age of Cant 1789-1837
Ben Wilson
faber and faber, 2007
ISBN 0-571-22468-7

This book looks at the changes in English society during the era in which Punch and Judy established itself in London. It helps to explain the social context that encouraged the show's initial popularity.

The Art of Punch & Judy
Glynn Edwards
The Fedora Group 2011
ISBN 978-0-9567189-0-7

After 50 years as a performer and advocate of the art Glyn Edwards discusses various aspects of the show from his own perspective.

Punch & Judy. Inside the Booth
Geoff Felix
Available by contacting: Geoffreyfelix@hotmail.com
ISBN 978-0-9521371-2-2

Most books on Punch are good for the novice and aspiring performer but in this Geof Felix takes you that step further. Much of that which he discusses herein is that which you will need to consider if you take up performing the show seriously.

Weymouth and Mr.Punch: ALL the Worlds a Stage
Judith Stinton
Harlequin Press 2008
ISBN 978-0-9555922404

Although this is ostensibly a book about Punch and Judy shows at Wymouth it does deal with a lot more in regards to the history of seaside entertainments and Weymouth as a seaside resort.